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After recording your tracks we can help you achieve the sound you are looking for, all the mixes are delivered with a mastered version and ready to upload to any online platform (MFIT Mastered for iTunes). A key part of the work is a close collaboration with the artist to get the best possible sound from each song or album…
Our courses are customized to all levels of study, from the complete beginner, through to professionals already working within the industry. Content ranges from the use of sequencers and MIDI protocol, to sound design, including sampling and sound synthesis. Tuition typically covers music theory principles, applied to…
His musical path began at an early age, first as an autodidact bass player, and later on through experimenting with tape recorders and different recording technics. At this point his music perspective was influenced by different artist such as Can, Gentle Giant, The Art Emsamble Of Chicago, Charles Mingus, John Cage, Sonic Youth…

Blanali - Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise (Official Video)

Birds of Paradise 2021

Killing Gävle (The Guardian)

The Guardian (UK) 2017
Mixing & Mastering